Yawn on holiday

By Imogen Wallis

Image featuring Pineapple Skies Cotton Robe & Plain White Nightie

We all need time to rest and recharge our batteries, yet more than half of British workers per year don’t pack up their pyjamas and make the most of their annual leave.

Not only are holidays a good chance to let your hair down, but taking time off is both important to your health and wellbeing. You may find it hard to escape due to guilt or fear of what you’ll return to once back at the office, but those who take leave are often more productive and perform better whilst at work in the long-run.

Catch Up On Your Zzzzz

Whether you take a trip abroad or enjoy a staycation, holidays are ideal for catching up on sleep. According to the Sleep Council’s ‘Toxic Sleep’ survey, 'four out of five people complain of disturbed or inadequate sleep every night.' Sleeping gives your brain time to recharge and deprivation through stress at work will lead to poor mental performance and illness. So if that’s not a reason to treat yourself to a new Pyjama Set or Nightshirt for a trip away, we’re not sure what is!

Happy Memories

As you reflect on lying by the pool in your Ollie Quinn sunglasses or curling up in a Dreamcoat after a day on the ski slopes, looking back on happy holiday memories is a fantastic relaxation aid. Similar to meditation, by altering wave patterns you'll become more calm and relaxed as the mental imagery releases feel-good endorphins into the brain. Much needed during a stressful day at the office.

Image featuring Calm Waters Cotton Robe, Sleep Shorts & Plain White Cami

Feel Good

Laughter is the best medicine and if you’re having fun on holiday you should find yourself having a giggle or two.  Triggering healthy emotional changes, laughing can boost your mood, strengthen your immune system and act as protection from damaging stress effects. A good laugh can even leave your muscles relaxed up to 45 minutes after, relieving stress and physical tension.

If you’re still worried about leaving your work desk, plan your leave in advance so you force yourself to take time off and remember – phone off. Try not to check your work emails or take calls as this will only remind you of the stress back at work. Enjoy yourself. It’s deserved.


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