Notes from Yawn | Port In A Storm

Notes from Yawn | Port In A Storm

By Alice Whiteley

Notes from Yawn | Port In A Storm

Your favourite print in a new colour

Yawn takes pride in our slow-fashion approach. We release bespoke hand painted prints only when 100% confident in their design. Now that we are five years old, we are reimagining our bestselling print.

With a seasonal twist, say hello to the new spring edition of Port In A Storm.


Many find the coast a relaxing location, a place to recharge.

From our London studio, the design team often reflect on favourite holidays when creating new prints. Port In A Storm was inspired by founder Alice’s memories of visits to Devon with her family as a young girl.

“I spent many holidays walking with my family along the wild coasts of Devon. We used to look out to sea, imagining what was below the water.

When I was a little girl, my dad and a great friend had an adventure together in an open boat to Eddystone lighthouse, miles off the coast.

They left early in the morning and I remember desperately wanting to go and see the lighthouse for myself.”

The world's first open ocean lighthouse (completed in 1699)
Eddystone, Devon. 


The hand-drawn waves in our base pattern were inspired by Japan’s ‘seigaiha’ wave.  Concentric circles traditionally represent surges of good luck to signify power and resilience.

Our Yawn twist – lighthouses and a hidden whale (he pops up infrequently).

Colour theory

Available in a beige camel shade for winter. Our spring version has returned to traditional blue and green. We spend hours choosing exactly the right colours, researching mentally calming shades to help you relax - blue is meant to stimulate clear thought whilst green restores balance.

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Sleep well.