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The fashion industry loves big: big volume, with the potential for big waste. We set out to only make pyjamas people love. First Editions is our way of making sure we invest in the best. We launch new prints in small runs.

The ones you love go on to full print runs; the others are treasured by a handful of fans who own one of only 50 pairs ever made.

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Every Yawn print is drawn or painted by hand in our studio in London, using charcoal, ink or watercolour. Each print with a hidden detail for you to find, in your own time.

bums and roses pyjamas in organic cotton

After learning about the bum deal with conventional cotton, we couldn’t turn the other cheek. Using 16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of pesticides, no wonder it’s dubbed the world’s dirtiest crop. After researching how to create the softest, longest lasting organic cotton, we’re delighted to say we’ve cracked it. Bums and (organic) Roses, now available in superfine organic cotton. 

Bums and (organic) Roses



Fabric is the single, most important element in creating Yawn’s products; it’s why our customers come back and why we make it bespoke. We spent years creating our Superfine "00" cotton - now, we're making it organic.

88% less water. 62% less energy. No toxic chemicals. And only 0.7% of it in the world.

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Sleep soundly with GOTS-certified cotton:

– Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers

– Soil is nurtured through farming methods such as crop rotation, composting and mulching, which retains moisture in the soil making it viable in the long term

– GOTS prohibits the use of GM (genetically modified) seeds meaning it gives control back to the farmers who are free to save seeds and choose what they grow - normal cotton seeds are controlled by GM giants

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