Dreamer | Meet Alice Olins

Dreamer | Meet Alice Olins

By Alice Whiteley

Dreamer | Meet Alice Olins

Hello Alice - welcome to Yawn.  We love your Step Up Club, are excited to read your new regular careers column in Red and are delighted to have you as our Dreamer for the month of January. 

Step Up Club is brilliant at providing career (and life!) inspiration to other women. Which women most inspire you and why?

Honestly, I am inspired most by the women who are closest to me. As a child that was my paternal grandmother, a woman with more glam and panache than anyone I’ve met since. Then, as I’ve grown into a woman and now mother, I find inspiration from friends, and other women I work with. Back when I was a journalist I’d meet and interview famous people on a weekly basis, but it was my work colleagues, the women who work hard creating brilliant copy everyday who captured my imagination and inspired me to be the best writer and investigator. Today, as a career and business coach and businesswoman, the same is true again; I draw inspiration from colleagues and Step Up Club members too. Women who have face difficulties and overcome them to achieve success in a way that works for their own individual lives.

In a world where many women are feeling stretched, do you have any tips for our audience on switching off?

Set yourself strict boundaries and stick to them. It’s ok if you don’t turn your phone off every evening at 9pm, but try not looking at work emails when you’re trying to relax for example. I actually find that changing my clothes when I return from work is a great way of letting go of my professional day and getting straight back into family life. I don’t meditate, but I do go to the gym. This is Me Time, and I encourage all women to find their own space and return to it regularly. We are made to feel that we need to be all things to all people, and while some of us thrive on that (this is probably true of me), the truth is, I need my own space too and I protect it fiercely.

What are your new year’s resolutions for 2020?

You know what, I haven’t even thought of any yet. I have just had another baby, so life is hectic right now but I love how this time around – number 3 – I’ve made a commitment to myself to be a bit of a different kind of mother. Previously I took a year off work and dedicated myself entirely to my babies; this worked for me then, now though, with a small business that is continually evolving before my eyes, I want to approach things differently. I have employed a tiny bit of help and am using this time to give my brain and my career aspirations the space they need too. So I suppose continuing on this new path and trying to do it with poise, is a resolution in itself. And then being kind to others and myself too. Kindness is the root of all happiness; I am a strong believer in that. 

When and where are you at your most relaxed and happy?

With my children, my husband, and a great group of friends all sat around a big table, with lots of delicious food on the table, preferably some alcohol in a glass in front of me! I am a people person, I love connecting with other, telling stories, enjoying jokes and good times, and there’s nothing better than time with family and friends. 

Quick fire:

Top book on your winter reading list?

The Choice by Dr Edith Edger.

This book, which I’m halfway through is an absolute inspiration. The true story of Edger’s escape with her sister from Hitler’s concentration camps, it tells of her bravery at that time, and more recently of her choice not to be defined by the hardships and traumas she endured as a child. There are life lessons in there for all of us.

Favourite song to relax to?

 Something recorded live by Queen. Freddie Mercury’s voice astounds me every time I listen to it.

Podcast or E-book?


Pyjamas or nightshirt?

 Interesting, I just bought a nightshirt, my first one, and I think I’m a convert. But pyjamas for lazy Sunday mornings when we don’t leave the house and everyone ends up huddled together on the sofa.

Night cap or night cream?

Night cream. I joined Beauty Pie this year and my skin is looking better than ever. I’m a total convert.



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