Dreamer | Meet Stylonylon

Dreamer | Yawn meets Julia Rebaudo

By Alice Whiteley

Dreamer | Meet Stylonylon

Julia wears Yawn's Port in a Storm Pyjama set.

Amongst the mixture of outfit posts, travel and restaurant guides it was Julia's photography style that first caught our eye across Instagram on her profile @stylonylon. Journalist turned blogger, we caught up to find out more and discover how she likes to do less. 

Tell us how it all began, what motivated you to turn from a freelance journalist to creating your blog Stylonylon?

I started the blog as something to do while on maternity leave. I was just getting into photography (in a big way!) and wanted somewhere to put my photos and also to indulge my love of clothes & shopping. 

We’re completely obsessed with your photography style. What or who inspired you to first pick up a camera and explore this art form?

A friend had come back from a trip to Africa with some incredible photos and as we were due to visit California I bought a second-hand Canon from eBay and never looked back. I took a crazy amount of photos with varying results on that trip!

You provide your readers with some great photography how-to guides and tips, but what would you say is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I have a good photographer friend who's always always said "It's just taking a picture!". I've never found photography intimidating or mystifying, I've just focussed on trying to get the results I want.

Where do you gain inspiration for your blog on a day-to-day basis and how would you describe a typical day?

One of the lovely things about freelance life is that no day is the same. I spend a fair amount of time at home on my laptop, but also a day can easily be given over to meetings, press days and shooting outfits and content for the blog. I do spend a lot of time online and love getting inspo from friends and fellow bloggers! 

Julia wears Yawn's Port in a Storm Pyjama set.

Your days must be incredibly busy, but you once wrote on your blog that ‘we’re all at risk of high-speeding it through the digital highways with the inevitable not-so-good-knock-on effect on real life...’

We find ourselves and think many others often fall under this trap, so when you do have some time to yourself, how do you like to ‘do less’ and relax?

Ha, I remember writing that! Come the weekend, I always take some time off and rarely post during Saturday & Sundays, I love the switch-off feeling of those days... downtime is wonderfully replenishing!

Lastly, you have developed a very distinct style for yourself. What are your top three tips for our readers on developing their own style of content should they want to explore photography or writing?

I guess it's about experimenting with achieving an aesthetic you like – but being open to change as well! For a while I was into massively desaturated pictures, but I started missing celebrating colours and have now brought colour back in, but in a way that still resonates with the style I had before – if that makes sense! I guess we all develop our little editing quirks that makes our content distinctive...

Discover more about Julia and her content via her website www.stylonylon.com.