Escapes | Yawn goes to North Yorkshire

Escapes | Yawn goes to North Yorkshire

By Alice Whiteley

Escapes | Yawn goes to North Yorkshire


A weekend away always recharges the batteries, you leave every day behind and just be. It's one of my favourite things to do and I'm exceedingly lucky that I can do it more than most. Firstly working from the kitchen table really does have it's plus points and secondly owning a darling caravan helps with whisking away when we feel the need.

I especially like mini breaks out of season, the hustle and bustle of the summer months fade into the mellow hum drum of autumn such a beautiful time of the year. The morning light, the softer warmer colours all around, you really notice it all. Senses are heightened when spending lazy days in our holiday home on wheels. Time really does feel like it could stand still for a just a moment, you wake with the birds, snuggle under the duvet in your PJs and piles of warm blankets, cup of tea in hand discussing the adventures to be had that day.

 Last weekend we decided to stay by the sea on the North Yorkshire coast, a little slice of heaven. The untouched beauty of this coastline is truly breath taking and one I cherish dearly. Wandering around small fishing villages, perfectly quaint cottages all higgledy piggledy nestled into the cliffs. Pottering without a care in the world in the unique shops filled with vintage finds, local produce and seaside nic-nacs, nowhere that you need to be, no rushing or dashing just wandering. An impromptu pub lunch sitting by the window watching the sea ebb and flow whilst warming ourselves by the log burner. Such a calming place, walking along the sheltered beach in a hidden cove, running with the waves breathing deeper and slower it truly is good for one's soul.


I could stay on the beach forever dreaming about owning one of the beach huts dotted up the hill, as the tide came in we said our goodbyes and meandered back to our caravan taking a walk down the lane in the warm afternoon sun before returning to warming drinks and board games, conversation and lots of laughter. As a family we like nothing more than all jumping into our bed together a squash and a squeeze with blankets, cushions and plenty of books before sleepy eyes take hold.

So I thoroughly recommend those odd weekends away leaving the hustle and bustle behind a slower pace of life that we all need from time to time. Spending time however long or short in some of our truly unique coastlines around the UK is a real treat.

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