Escapes | The eye mask tutorial

Escapes | The eye mask tutorial

By Yawn Team

Escapes | The eye mask tutorial



Skye wears Pyjama Set 'Safe Harbour'

Whether for travelling, those pesky day time headaches or just for a really deep nights sleep, I think a good eye mask is an essential.

With a honeymoon that involved 40+ hours on planes and a gorgeous set of Yawn pyjamas to accompany me, I figured it was high time to make myself an eye mask to match.




A vintage silk scarf would be perfect to make your own eye mask as they provide just the right amount of fabric and will feel amazing against your skin, but for mine I managed to salvage this fabric from a beloved playsuit that had shrunk in the wash.

I've always struggled with elasticated eye masks as I find them uncomfortable, so I've made this one up with tie straps instead - of course you can change the length/width of yours to make sure that you have the perfect fit.

You will need: 

• Two pieces of fabric for the main mask measuring 26cm x 15cm and two pieces for the straps measuring 66cm x 5cm.

• Once piece of fleece and two pieces of fusible interfacing measuring 26cm x 15cm.


 • WST - wrong sides together

 • RST - right sides together


To make the straps:

  • Fold a strap piece in half lengthways with WST and press. Open out, and then fold each long edge in to the centre crease (as if you were making a book jacket). Press in half.

• At one end, open the fold back out and create a triangular point as shown, then press back into place. Sew the strap closed along the open edge with a 2mm seam allowance. Repeat with the other strap piece.


 To make the eye mask:

• Iron the fusible interfacing onto the wrong sides of your fabric pieces. Cut out your fabric pieces and fleece either using an existing eye mask as a template or drawing up your own. (You can also find tons online to download for free).

• With the right side facing up, place one of your fabric pieces on top of the fleece and pin. Then, using a fabric marker/chalk and a ruler, mark out quilting lines and then stitch into place.

• Pin your two straps into place either side of the mask, and sew into place with a few securing stitches.

• Place your remaining fabric piece on top of the quilted piece with RST and pin into place. You will need to make sure that the straps are tucked in.

• Sew around the edge of the mask with a 1cm seam allowance, leaving a 6cm gap at the top centre. Notch around the curved edges, press and then turn through to the right side.

• Fold the edges of the opening down and press, then hand sew the gap closed using whip stitch or similar.

And that's it, your eye mask is ready to go. This is a perfect little project for a weekend and a great way to unwind - especially in the long run!

This post was written for Yawn by Skye Pennant 

Skye wears a 'Safe Harbour' Pyjama Set.