Dreamers | Meet Molly and Harriet, founders of the Secret Linen Store

Dreamers | Meet Molly and Harriet, founders of the Secret Linen Store

By Alice Whiteley

Dreamers | Meet Molly and Harriet, founders of the Secret Linen Store

Getting snug with Secret Linen Store... 

Over a hot cup of coffee, sisters Molly and Harriet decided to take a leap of faith and start making beautiful cotton bed linen together. Three years later and the Secret Linen Store is making hundreds of beds every week.


M: We think (actually, we know) that your bedroom is the most important room in your home. Since we started Secret Linen Store and I’ve become much busier bedtime has become my best time. Your bedroom has to be the perfect place to relax, unwind, read or watch a film.

H: My bedroom is my favourite place to be. It’s such a personal space and I think being brave enough to make your bedroom entirely about you and what you love is the best starting point when it comes to decorating.

 Choosing Colour

H: I love colour but personally I prefer to keep my bedroom simple with white walls. Like lots of people I get bored easily and having a simple, neutral base colour means you’re able to change your style as often as you change your mood.

M: I think it’s important to be brave with colour. I recently painted my bedroom very, very dark (Dulux Night Jewels) and it’s wonderful. We live in a Victorian property and faced the challenge of making large rooms and high ceilings feel cosy. Painting large spaces dark is a great way to achieve this. Dark grey or navy creates instant comfort in a big bedroom. I’d have loved to paint the woodwork grey too... but wasn’t allowed – the end result was amazing though so I’m not sulking too much.

Your Bed

H: I am a self-confessed bed snob. Having worked for a bed company for many years before starting Secret Linen Store, you learn very quickly how important a good bed is for sleep and your sanity. I believe your bed should be the focal point in the room and build everything up around that. I love big headboards, especially if they’re upholstered. They add softness to the bedroom which is so important to feel relaxed and comfortable. My wish list includes upsizing to a super king… weekend mornings, with the kids climbing in, would have less elbows up noses if it were that little bit bigger.

M: Beds should be big, as big as you can fit. I have a 6ft super king. It’s big, but not too big. Getting a good night’s sleep does require having some space to yourself so a big bed means better sleep.


 H: The easiest way to mix things up in the bedroom is to change the way you dress your bed. I have no less than 10 sets of bed linen (yes, I’m an addict… I tell myself it’s okay because it’s what I do!). Our Relaxed Denim Yellow is a favourite at the moment as it really warms the room up on a cold winter’s day.

M: I designed my bedroom around the bed linen (naturally), but if you have something else you love, whether that’s your bed, a piece of art or furniture, make sure it stands out. I dress my bed with lots of pillows and mix between different colours and designs to keep things fresh. I can switch from Luxury White to Relaxed Denim Graphite Grey. Each one looks and feels different.

 Furnishing your bedroom

M: I strongly believe that a bedroom should have a bed and a wardrobe… and not much else. I like uncluttered spaces. In another life I expect I will not even have a wardrobe in my room. I like simple styles, mid-century and clutter free.

H: I’m the complete opposite! I love to mix vintage finds (thank you eBay for my his and hers wardrobes) with simple Ikea classics. Your bedroom should reflect your personal style, if you love something, keep it in there… don’t declutter for the sake of making it Pinterest worthy, how many people really come in your room anyway?

M: Whatever your style the most important thing is to create a place of comfort, whether that’s adding soft lighting, cotton sheets or putting on your best PJs.