Elevating the everyday with @thesimpleexplorer

Elevating the everyday with @thesimpleexplorer

By Harriet Pritchard

Elevating the everyday with @thesimpleexplorer

@thesimpleexplorer wears our organic cotton Port in a Storm pyjamas.


We believe that small details make all the difference. In fact, we designed our entire collection with this in mind.

The minutes of me-time to be found within the busy bustling everyday are integral to helping us slow down and catch up with ourselves. It doesn’t matter how small the detail; the impact is mighty. Which is why attention to detail is (literally) woven into our company ethos.

Quite simply – we love details because you love details.


Over the past 18 months Tanya (@thesimpleexplorer) has been using her beautifully photographed Instagram to document travels within the UK and the everyday details that encourage her to slow down. Her Instagram explores the simplicity in these moments of stillness, and how they help her press pause on the sometimes overwhelming and unsettling pace of modern life.

As we plummet headfirst into another year of uncertainty, the everyday stresses are all too easy to become entangled in. This year, we’re taking a leaf out of Tanya's book (or Instagram feed), and making the most of the magical everyday details that bring moments of joy and comfort. Whether that’s bringing mindfulness to the first sip of that dreamy coffee, the feeling of slipping into a super-soft nightshirt after a day’s work or the extra minute or two soaking in a well-deserved bath.

Share your everyday details

Tanya encourages others to share their small moments of calm using the hashtag #myeverydaydetails.

A note from Tanya

I have loved getting behind the camera for as long as I can remember but it was only really at the start of lockdown in March 2020 when I reignited my passion for photos. The past 18 months encouraged me to take each day at a slower pace. I started the hashtag #myeverydaydetails and slowly, my small community has started sharing theirs with me - which I love. My ethos on Instagram and my blog is all about travel and elevating the everyday. Whether it's a cosy day at home, those extra details in a hotel that make it special, or even just a walk through the streets of London.

I started to use photography to appreciate those everyday joys - one of those being a lazy morning in a gorgeous pair of pyjamas! I chose "Port in a Storm" as I love that it's inspired by British seaside holidays with the beautiful waves and lighthouses.

Here are a few of my lazy morning rituals -- listening to my favourite 'duvet day' playlist, spending a little extra time snuggled and a good cup of coffee.