Bedroom lighting for a brighter autumn – with Rohan Blacker

Comfort & joy | Bedroom lighting for a brighter autumn – with Rohan Blacker

By Harriet Pritchard

Bedroom lighting for a brighter autumn – with Rohan Blacker

The transition from summer to autumn can be difficult to get our heads around. One minute we’re planning BBQs in flip flops, the next we’re debating whether it’s acceptable to wear sleep socks to work (it absolutely is). One of the more prevalent changes to contend with is shorter days. Dark mornings make alarm clocks less bearable, dark evenings can mean harsh artificial light for longer periods before our heads hit the pillow - resulting in a negative impact on our sleep.

As autumn steals away those precious extra minutes of daylight, it becomes glaringly (excuse the pun) obvious that we need to consider bedside lights, bedroom lamps and bedroom light fittings – but where to begin?

We’re getting practical about bringing light back into our bedrooms this autumn. Pooky founder and lighting expert, Rohan Blacker, has been helping us to understand bedroom lighting dos and don’ts.

How would you recommend bringing light into the bedroom, whilst maintaining a soothing environment?

Depending on the size of the bedroom it is good to rely on several layers of light for a bedroom. Overhead or “wash” light for dressing, ambient light for relaxing, and directed task or reading lights. There is no “one size fits all” solution, but you do need to ensure that there are enough layers and options.

Are there any commonly made mistakes when lighting a bedroom that may have a negative effect on the relaxing environment?

You must have dimmers. You must be able to switch from both the door and the bedside. You mustn’t over complicate it…how many times have you been tearing round a hotel room trying to work out the lighting? Don’t allow your bed side light to dominate the table - sometimes it’s good to have a small pendant light hanging from the ceiling, so there is actually nothing on the bedside table.

What colour tone light bulbs are most recommendable, and which are least?

2700 kelvin give a warm friendly light. Much more than that and it can be too harsh. The does not apply to a reading light…where white or “daylight” light is required.

Any final hints and tips for creating snooze-friendly lighting in the bedroom?

Turn out the lights?

At Yawn, we’re huge fans of Pooky as a brand, and your approach to growing an independent business. Looking back over your time as a business founder, what has been your favourite product?

I blow with the wind a bit, and am a natural enthusiastic, so can get over obsessed with different lights. We have a light called the Metro…it’s never sold very well, but it is a thing of great beauty in my mind…heavy brass, with a couple of different finishes, with a groovy Art Deco feel to it. We are also about to launch a range of alabaster based wall lights….they are stunning, and give off the most lovely soft light. Both these lights would be brilliant in a bedroom environment.

Pooky specialise in beautiful contemporary home lighting that compliments interior styling.