How to sleep better on holiday

How to sleep better on holiday

By Harriet Pritchard

How to sleep better on holiday

A holiday should be your opportunity to enjoy a well deserved rest from the busy schedule of everyday life... so there's nothing quite like the frustration of getting to your well anticipated holiday destination and being unable to sleep.

Sometimes our bodies react to new environments in a way that upsets our natural sleep patterns. This can be for a number of reasons, from travel stresses to simply a change in routine. It's important to know there are tools you can employ to put your body and mind at ease, encouraging a deliciously deep sleep that will help you fully relax.


1. Stick to your bedtime routine

The more you emulate your home sleep routine that works for you, the more likely you are to drift off easily whilst away from home. Whether that's a specific skin care regime, reading before bed, bedtime yoga, or even a particular TV show that puts you at ease - sticking to your personally tried and tested bedtime techniques can help alleviate the negative effects of disrupting your regular routine.


2. Plan and pack for sleep

Sometimes when we pack we assume we'll be relaxed, so might not need the same tools we usually do to sleep - however, if you use sleep accessories at home, chances are you'll need them more than you realise whilst away. That might be your most comfortable PJs, ear plugs, eye masks, pillow spray, or a white noise machine. As a rule, if you need it at home, you'll need it on holiday. A few products we love for holiday sleep:

3. Plan your level of digital disconnection

The reality is, it simply might not be possible to pull a Carrie Bradshaw and throw your phone in the ocean to avoid checking your messages on holiday. We lead busy lives, and though it's important to disconnect, it's also important to start with a realistic stance.

Before you jet off, take the time to consider the minimum you can realistically spend on your phone or digital devices. If you can do the full 'phone off for the week' - amazing, if its a simple 5 minute email check in the morning to keep your inbox clear - perfect, if you need to spend a little longer with your morning coffee checking messages - that's okay too.

By recognising what's possible, and sticking to it, you'll spend less time at night anxious about a) What's waiting in your inbox, b) whether you should be doing more, c) whether you should be doing less.


4. Temperature regulation

If you struggle to sleep on holiday, take a moment when you first arrive at your hotel room or apartment to assess the bedroom temperature. Think about how you might help regulate the temperature throughout the day to help in the evening. A few tips that might help:

  • If it's particularly sunny and the room gets a lot of light, close the curtains when you go out for the day, this stops too much heat building up in the room and leaving you sweltering at night
  • If you have air conditioning, make sure the windows are kept closed to avoid any cool air escaping
  • If it's really warm, keep full water bottles in the fridge or freezer during the day to keep next to your bed at night


Holidays are the perfect opportunity to unwind and recover from everyday stresses. Make sure you're giving yourself the best opportunity to relax by considering the tools available to help you get the sleep you deserve whilst away.