Print stories | Spray of Flowers

Spray of Flowers

By Harriet Pritchard

Print stories | Spray of Flowers

Spray of Flowers was first imagined in 2020 and was sketched during the Covid-19 lockdown. The print was inspired by the daily walks through an uncharacteristically quiet London, and the moments of nature we found within our beautiful city.

The print itself might look like a classic floral... but on closer inspection theres a few surprises hiding in the pattern (it wouldn't be Yawn if there wasn't). The floral style is influenced by graffiti art and adds an urban twist to the nature we associate with flowers. There's a tiny spray can and trainer hidden amongst the flowers as a nod to our love of both the British cities and rural spaces that nurture us. 

The creation of Spray of Flowers

Like all of our prints, Spray of Flowers was hand-drawn in our London studio. It was created by hand using black charcoal. The designs were then digitalised and we played with different colour palettes to see what suited this unique design.

Past colourways

We believe colour is hugely important when creating someone's perfect pair of pyjamas. We play with unique colour pairing and combinations with all our prints until we find the perfect fit. For particularly popular prints, we introduce new colourways to suit different seasons.


The new colour palette

One thing we know for sure about our Spray of Flowers print is that it has the power to pop. A print that can be so bold, deserves a colour palette to match. Our summer navy colour palette was designed for those who are particularly adverse boring nightwear.