Notes from Yawn | Yawn turns five

Notes from Yawn | Yawn turns five

By Alice Whiteley

Notes from Yawn | Yawn turns five

Wearing rose-tinted glasses

We’re showcasing our autumn collection through rose-tinted glasses. Everything looks prettier in pink! 

Yawn is five years old this month. Definitely a cause for celebration. We are growing up fast, thanks to the brilliant team - and you.

As the seasons turn, nostalgia feels appropriate. It has gone by in a flash. Thinking back to the early years (pitching the idea in a café, pyjamas in the attic, setting up in a famous Paris department store, our first customer, selling to Japan) it feels miraculous that we got through them!

Optimism is essential. My rose tinted glasses are firmly on. If ever we wobble, we focus on what is important to you - finding lovely fabrics, designing beautiful prints, making product you love. All this alongside making our business as sustainable as possible.

The future for Yawn looks exciting.

So - here’s to the next five years. Team work makes this dream work. The real joy has come from the people involved.

If you would like to join us, here's your opportunity - we're hiring! 

Here's a shout out to any brilliant talent looking for a role as a Product & Operations Executive or Marketing Executive

P.S. thanks for last month’s relaxation tips (they made us smile) – we will be announcing the winner and sharing your tips next month.