Notes from Yawn | Why we love pyjamas

Notes from Yawn | What makes our pyjamas so special?

By Harriet Pritchard

Notes from Yawn | Why we love pyjamas

The classic pyjama set

When Yawn’s founder Alice first created Yawn, she did so with one thing in mind – pyjamas. Over the past 6 years, as our luxury nightwear expertise has expanded so has our range, but we never forget where it all began – creating the perfect women’s pyjama sets.

With a feefo rating of 4.9 stars and having been featured in the likes of Red magazine and Harper's BAZAAR, we're so proud of how loved our PJs are.

What makes Yawn PJs so special?

We’re big believers in the power of pyjamas and with this in mind have become experts in designing and crafting the most deliciously comfortable pair.

The making of Yawn's bespoke organic cotton

Fabric is the single, most important element in creating Yawn’s luxury nightwear. After years of work - we are now able to buy organic cotton, without compromising on the fabric’s tactile quality. This transition was an important one to make as organic cotton uses 88% less water, 62% less energy and no toxic chemicals. 

So special is our bespoke organic cotton that we can only work with specific mills that are equipped to weave the more delicate GOTS certified organic cotton yarns.

Yawn's hand-drawn prints being created

We hand-paint and draw our unique prints in our London-based using ink, charcoal and water. This connection is all about relaxation: imagination, a human hand, natural materials.

Each print tells a story and includes beautiful hidden details waiting to be found within the pattern.

Organic buttons

Our buttons are corozo buttons, made from the corozo nut, or tagua nut.

Button holes

We crafted our button holes to account for even the wriggliest of sleepers. Whilst traditionally button holes are vertical, we have found that when horizontally cut they are less likely to open during the night.

Messaging tape inside of pyjama top cuffs

Our sleeve cuffs include secret messaging tape on the inside, designed to make you smile. We love that everyone wears their Yawn PJs in their own way - this messaging tape can be kept secret by those that prefer to have their sleeves rolled down, or can be an aesthetic feature to those that prefer their sleeves rolled up.


We know how vital pyjama pockets are, which is why we doubled down and designed our PJs to include 4 deliciously deep ones. The pyjama tops have two pockets at the front and our pyjama trousers have a relaxed pocket either side.


Our PJ tops and bottoms use french seams. French seams are sewn twice, the raw edge is encased within the seam, resulting in a neat seam suited to lightweight fabrics

Pickable hems

Our pyjama bottoms include a pickable bottom hem. This means the trousers can be made longer.

Collar button
The neck button on a pyjama top

The additional collar button was included for chillier nights when additional wrapping up in necessary.

Yawn pyjamas are the result of love and care for thoughtful details - we care about details because we know you care about details.