Meets | Today We Love

Meets | Today We Love

By Imogen Wallis

Meets | Today We Love

We catch up with Zsanett, Sara and Annabell, lovers of Yawn and founders of lifestyle blog, 'Today | We Love' – a lifestyle, beauty and skincare blog, gleaned from their modelling experience in London.

Read on to discover how they met and maintain a strong friendship whilst working together.

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How did the three of you first meet?

Zsanett: I first met Sara on a modelling job about 5 years ago. We had an instant bond.

Sara: That was the beginning of a long friendship. I had my own blog at the time, which I had been running for about 2 years. I was tired of doing everything myself. Initially I talked Zsanett into starting her own, as she was really keen to try it out.

A few years later I worked with Annabell on another modelling job. We didn’t really speak much until the very end of the shoot. Anyway, the shoot finished and we decided to walk back to the underground station together and naturally started chatting.

I introduced Annabell to Zsanett. Zsanett and I had slowly given up on our individual blogs, finding the workload overwhelming. We then came up with the idea of joining forces to write one together!

Zsanett wears (Eve Pyjama Set) £89.

What qualities do you see in each other that you are grateful for?

Sara: I think we have qualities that complement each other. We are all very different but have the same goals and aspirations.

Zsanett and Annabell have strong personalities and know what they want. I have learned so much from them and thank them both for teaching me how to be more confident in myself.

Annabell: It would be too easy and boring if we were all similar.

Sara is so hands on. She has a degree in Economics which helps the business side of our brand. She’s super sweet and always very positive.

Zsanett is very creative and has a lot of drive. She has a particularly good eye for photography, which helps when organising our posting schedule on Instagram.

What matters to you most within your friendship?

Zsanett: I think the most important part is, that even though we run a business together, we still manage to have times when we are just friends and can talk about anything.

Sara: Friendship is being there for each other in bad times as well as the good. Friends know who you truly are, and you never have to put an act on around them.

Annabell: Being business partners and friends at the same time can be challenging, but we have found a good balance. I love the fact that we are able to put aside work and have fun in each others company.

What’s your fondest memory together? 

Annabell: When we won the UK BLOG AWARDS in April 2018. Totally unexpected and thats why its one of my fondest memories to date.

We found out just before Christmas and met up at Sara’s house to celebrate and bake some cookies. The night turned into a very funny evening with some silly videos of us all in Sara’s kitchen. When I’m down I often watch them to cheer me up.

Sara: We are constantly working super hard and have accomplished a lot over the years, but there have been a lot of things which haven’t come through or worked out. To win the award and have people from the industry believe in us meant the world. is run by the Norwegian/German duo, Sara & Annabell. Focusing on beauty and skincare related topics, the girls share experiences from the modelling profession, as well as sharing insights into their lives in London.