Meets | Vicky White (founder of Plum & Ashby)

Meets | Vicky White (founder of Plum & Ashby)

By Imogen Wallis

Meets | Vicky White (founder of Plum & Ashby)

A couple of weeks ago we were approached by bath and body brand Plum & Ashby after founder Vicky White was gifted a pair of Yawn bed socks by a friend. Naturally we wanted to find out more about P&A's beautiful collection, so we caught up with Vicky to hear about her story as a female business owner and vision for the future. See the full interview below. 

Tell us how it all began, what motivated you to start Plum & Ashby?

I had the idea for Plum & Ashby while renovating my cottage in Bedfordshire. I’ve always loved interiors and adding those finishing touches to a room. However, I found myself hiding diffuser bottles behind photo frames and hiding hand wash under the sink because I thought the bottles looked ugly. I thought that I wasn’t the only person doing this and decided to create a range that not only smelt amazing but that I would be proud to display in my home.

You have a very simple yet elegant feel to the brand. What inspires you and the creation of your beautiful products?

I love vintage bottles and was especially inspired by some lovely amber glass apothecary bottles I brought on a sourcing trip, so they became the inspiration for the bottle shape and colour. Before starting Plum & Ashby, I worked for a number of years in branding, so I have a love for typography and simple design. I wanted to create a brand that was elegant but that could work in any home, be it a country cottage or modern apartment.

Do you have a favourite product or scent from the Plum & Ashby collection?

I’ve got a few! I love our Seaweed & Samphire hand & body wash. It’s a lovely fresh scent, so I like to use that in our bathroom. I’ve always got a tube of our hand cream in my bag. It’s so light and absorbs quickly. My favorite candle is Vetiver & Lavender, is a wonderfully relaxing scent perfect for the sitting room or bedroom.

Discover Plum & Ashby's scents here.

Running a business is challenging and often has its obstacles, how would you describe a typical working day and what’s been your most memorable/proudest moment to date?

I have a little dog, called Bertie, so I’m normally up early to walk him across the fields. Then I have a short drive to my office that is in a lovely market town called Olney. When you run your own business you realise no two days are the same! One day I can be designing new products and testing them, the next day working on financial forecasts for the next year. It’s really varied but that makes it really interesting. I don’t think I have ‘one’ moment but we receive feedback from customers about our products most days and it’s really uplifting to hear they have enjoyed using them!

What’s your vision for the future with P&A?

We are expanding our ranges for Autumn/Winter 18 and launching a range of gifts this Christmas. I’ve been developing a new collection that will launch in September, with some of my favorite scents. I’ve been testing the products for quite a while and can’t wait to share them.

… And when you have time to yourself, how do you like to relax?

I love to cook, so I find this is my way to unwind after a busy day. I light a candle, put some music on and prepare a meal.

Lastly, what are your top three tips for our readers on creating a relaxing home environment?

  1. Lighting – this is really important to create a relaxing atmosphere. I love to use lamps to create low-level lighting, rather than pendants or wall lights.
  2. Light a candle – Its so relaxing to light a candle. It not only generates a beautiful scent but also creates a lovely environment to calm your mind and unwind.
  3. Unplug technology – We are all addicted to our devices but sometimes it’s just nice to switch your phone off and have a night to yourself.

Vicky wears Yawn 'Storm Clouds' Pyjama Set

Stay tuned for our competition launching 11th April 2018 in collaboration with P&A to win items from their Vetiver & Lavender collection with a Yawn Pyjama Set for a relaxing night in.

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