Yawn's First Editions

Yawn's First Editions

By Harriet Pritchard

Yawn's First Editions

What are Yawn's First Editions?

Yawn’s prints are all hand-drawn in our London studio using ink, charcoal and water. Inspired by moment of joy and relaxation found in our own experiences, they rely on imagination, a human hand and natural materials to bring them to life.

To understand which prints will have the greatest demand and will therefore create less waste and more focus, we create a very limited number of each print. This collection is called First Editions.


Why does Yawn create First Editions?

The fashion industry loves big: big volume, with the potential for big waste. We set out to only make pyjamas people love. First Editions is our way of making sure we invest in the best.

Over production leads to unsold garments, these items are often referred to as ‘deadstock’. As an environmentally conscious brand, we launch new prints in small runs. The ones you love go on to full print runs; the others are treasured by a handful of fans who own one of only 50 pairs ever made.


What’s next for First Editions?

Our September First Editions release will reflect the moments of joy we found during a period when joy was something we all struggled with – the lock-down First Editions. Inspired by moments of calm found in nature and of course the takeaways that carried us through Fridays (and Thursdays… and Saturdays… and okay, sometimes Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays too).