Delightful Details

We've spent lots of time with women discussing what they want from nightwear.
Collar buttons, deep pockets, generous, double-stitched hems.
A few of your favourite things. 

Fantastic Fit

We’ve spent years perfecting our sleepy fit, testing it on friends and family
of different shapes, sizes and sleeping styles. The result is a relaxed
fit with enough room for the wriggliest of sleepers and enough structure
to open the door to the post-person in the morning.

Collar Button

Complaints about chilly nights leading to cold necks led us to - voila – the collar button. This handy hidden button transforms your neckline into an elegant collar
and keeps your neck warm when required.

Pocket Perfection 

You were vocal on this one – the more pockets the better – in the pj top and bottom. You’re welcome.

Generous Hems

We have generous hems everywhere but most importantly
on our trouser hems so that you can take them down (or up).

Hidden Details

Yawn wants to remain slightly quirky. We hide little details in our prints
and in our products for you to discover in your own sweet time.