The Dreamer | Meet Alice

The Dream

A few years ago I was completely frazzled juggling the demands of management consultancy with a young family. I had lost passion advising other businesses and had become really tired. I dreamt of creating a beautiful business all about helping other women to switch off more.  Yawn was born, not just to remind me to relax, but to create a different kind of business: positive, collaborative and slow. 


Here are Yawn's
day-one principles:

1. Take it slow.

Growth at Yawn comes from happy customers and word of mouth, not investors. This takes bucket loads of patience but means we stay in control of our product.  

2. Attract brilliant partners.

Yawn is a small team of small teams. We hire for 'spark' - fabulous attitude and a tendency to go beyond the call of duty. Phil and Roly - co-owners of a creative agency I knew and admired - came on board as co-founders and bring wonderful creativity.  Although small and independent ourselves we partner with world-leading retailers, factories and logistics companies.

3. Have fun and laugh

We need to enjoy the journey. I can honestly say that I am (mostly) having the most fun in my career, building a business that helps other women to relax and feel comfortable.  

I hope you get the chance to try our products and that you love them.  We have enjoyed creating them with you in mind. If you have a moment do let me know how you get on - our wonderful customers help us to grow bigger and better.

 With love,
Alice x

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