What makes Yawn special

You spend more time in pyjamas than anything else. Yawn is a London-based, independent brand on a mission to to make your favourite ever sleepwear.

Our quest began with friends and family of different shapes, sizes and sleeping styles, finding out what they wanted from their nightwear. After learning an industry from scratch and travelling the world on a pyjama odyssey we sold our first pair in 2014 (thank you Margaret from Scotland). Fortunately they’ve been selling like hotcakes ever since.

What you wanted, (we delivered):

Hand drawn prints

We hand-paint and draw all our prints in London using ink, charcoal and water. This connection is all about relaxation: imagination, a human hand, natural materials. Each comes with its own special story - and we hide a detail in every print too, just to make life more interesting. 

Superfine sustainable fabrics

We couldn’t find the perfect pj fabric so travelled across the world to India and found mills where we could create our own to meet your demands:

Easy care. Chuck your pjs in the wash - they'll feel even softer over time. 

Organic cotton.  All of our core nightwear is made from our bespoke organic cotton, kinder to the planet.

Cool when you're hot, cosy when you're not. Standard cotton has a 150 thread count; our luxury bespoke cotton has 284. More threads, less sweat, wicking away moisture for a great sleep.

Feel good features

You said the details matter. We agree:

Fantastic fit. Enough room for the wriggliest of sleepers and enough style to open the door to the post-person in the morning.

Collar button. Your complaints about cold necks led us to a handy hidden collar button that keeps your neck warm when required.

Pocket perfection. You were vocal on this one – the deeper the pockets the better, in the PJ top and bottom.

Generous hems. Everywhere but most importantly on our trouser hems so that you can take them down (or up).

Hidden messages. Just because. Inside your cuffs you will find a message waiting - just for you, from us with love.

To create a classic, every detail counts.


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