The cosy Christmas edit

By Team Yawn

So December is here; the month that brings parties and feasting galore. A time for getting dressed up and enjoying seeing family and friends before crashing out on boxing day and just staying in your pyjamas all day! 

Finding luxurious and quality loungewear is a hard thing these days. Even though all the gorgeous silk slips look really appealing, lets be realistic. They are just not what I want to be in come 7 o'clock when I'm still running up and down the stairs putting babies back to bed!

I love getting our home ready for Christmas. I find it important to decorate early enough so that you can enjoy it more and really embrace the season! Making your home feel beautiful helps you to relax also. I am a lover of fairy lights and all that twinkles so find that I have as many of them on as possible. 

Once the lighting is twinkling and I have some Nat King Cole on I know I am getting ready to stop and enjoy.

Getting our home ready for Christmas is one of my favourite things to do. I absolutely love the extreme change in decor from 'normality' to festivity. We painted our upstairs floors boards completely white and it is unbelievable how beautiful they look, white walls and floors can have a great impact. They are clean and crisp, and work effortlessly with splashes of colour. 
It really has added a different dimension to all of our decorations and sometimes (dare I say it) I even walk upstairs thinking, this is like a scene out of a magazine, the white backdrop has made everything looks so pretty and also created a feeling of space.


It has brightened everything up, without losing the cosy element. This statement star light from Graham and Brown, is contemporary and traditional and has really made my little "thinking space" seasonal. I'm a fan of carnival style lighting so this was a perfect edition for our home. The low glow of lighting as well always sets a wonderful relaxing tone there are no bright flashing lights in our house as that can be a bit overpowering. Wherever I can I like to add fairy lights, they are delicate and lovely editions, perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit. 

My artificial christmas tree is from Homebase. This is the first artificial Christmas tree, I've ever bought. I was even thinking of buying a few more to dot around the house, in little corners. It is only 3ft so it's not too big, perfect for bedrooms and adding an extra special touch to a guest room. 
Downstairs I love to fill our open plan sitting and dining room with everything advent related, slowly all the side boards will fill up with flowers and candles, ready to add a little brightness to the dark afternoons. Have you noticed that darkness begins to loom at around 3pm now?


Over the years I have collected lots of little bits and each year and it's such a lovely feeling to pull them out of the attic and rediscover a  new found love for them. I'm not particularly a traditional 'red' kind of person but I love to use metallics. This year I have decided to add a touch of pink to our decoration ideas. When you pick the right tone of pink it can look truly fabulous. Using pretty glassware and placing candles and fairy lights intricately really creates a beautiful inviting look to our Christmas home, so much so I never want to go out!




I always feel, they best way to decorate your home for Christmas time is to find things that you love, use colours that bring you comfort, use lots of twinkling lights and make sure you have soft blankets, cosy socks, and your favourite PJs ready for snuggling with loved ones. 


This post was written for Yawn by Emily Inman

Emily wears a Where The Heart Is PJ set, Luxury Pink Cashmere Sleep Socks and Blue and Grey Cashmere Mix Cosy Sleep Socks. 

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