Parisian delights

By Imogen Wallis


Wish us luck! The team are very excited to be exhibiting Salon de la Lingerie again this year to meet new and existing retailers from around the world. 

Here's some top food spots in the city if you're planning to jet off to Paris this year. 

1. Relais de l’Entrecôte 
Saint Germain
A one dish only restaurant, you'll always find travellers and locals lining up for their famous steak frites. Dripping in a mystery sauce, you'll be rushing back for seconds.

2. Blé Sucre 
You won't find it difficult to find a delicious croissant for breakfast, but many Parisians will agree that Blé Sucre makes one of the best. 

3. Au Pied de Cochon 
Les Halles
Ideal on a cold day, enjoy a bowl of traditional french onion soup at this 24/7 restaurant which once nourished market workers at the old food fall. Covered in gooey cheese - you know it's good.