Why is cotton gifted for the 2nd wedding anniversary?

Notes from Yawn | Why is cotton the perfect gift for the 2nd wedding anniversary?

By Harriet Pritchard

Why is cotton gifted for the 2nd wedding anniversary?

Wedding anniversary gifts are the perfect opportunity to celebrate meaningful milestones within a relationship.

Traditionally, presents are exchanged to celebrate another year of powering through (aka true love). This has been traced back to Ancient Rome, however, mention of wedding anniversary gifts in English speaking countries only really began popping up in the 1800s. This corresponds to the invention of the ‘love-match’. Marriage had previously been considered a transaction, however when love was thrown into the mix, emphasis fell on reinforcing love and commitment within relationships. The specific tradition of assigning materials to different wedding anniversaries began with silver (25 years) and gold (50 years) anniversaries. As every year is a significant milestone in its own right, we now often exchange gifts every anniversary.

What year is the cotton anniversary?

Cotton anniversary is the 2nd wedding anniversary. Cosy between paper (1st) and leather (3rd).

Why cotton?

Cotton may be soft, but weak it most certainly is not. When threads are intertwined to make cotton, they become something strong, durable, and resilient. Two years of marriage may still be considered the honeymoon period to some, but safe to say there’s been a lot of growth together in those 730 days. Cotton represents the versatility of a relationship as well as the flexibility and strength being together inspires.

Cotton anniversary gifts

All Yawn prints are drawn with love, however, there are three particularly romantic prints that are work just perfectly as 2nd wedding cotton anniversary gifts.

Hounds of Love

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We took 'wear your heart on your sleeve' one step further...
Hounds of Love is for the lovable, huggable and heart-obsessed.


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Is it a bird, is it a heart? It’s whatever they want it to be. Our bestselling Lovebirds print was created by mixing ink with watercolour and is a gifting winner.

Float Away

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Inspired by the most romantic city in the world, Float Away is the Parisian pyjama print they’ll love.


Love Yawn x