I dreamt up Yawn because I was finding it increasingly hard to relax – and the women in my life were feeling the same. I wanted to make beautiful pyjamas that give you a hug; that say it’s ok - good even - to slow down.

I had become frazzled juggling the demands of management consultancy with a young family and had lost passion advising other businesses. I dreamt of creating a pj brand that would help other women to switch off. I approached Phil and Roly - co-owners of branding agency Without - to come on board as co-founders, bringing their wonderful creativity. Yawn was born, not just to remind me to relax, but to create a different kind of business: positive, collaborative and slow. 

Our growth since then has enabled us to hire a small, dedicated team. We're on a mission to create beautiful nightwear and see Yawn grow into a successful business that is a force for good in society. 

A slow story

In a world pushing for faster, slow nightwear helps us relax and feel good. Soft fabrics, hidden details, hand-made prints. Thoughtfully designed, made responsibly to last. This is the story of a different kind of nightwear company…

#1 Grow slow

Today’s world of rapid investor-driven growth isn’t always compatible with excellent products that last. We’re taking a different path. Yawn is independent and answerable only to the needs of a steadily growing community of customers. We make a few things that people love because of their thoughtful design and enduring quality.

#2 Sorry chaps

Yawn makes nightwear for women. Born from a conversation between mother and daughter, our first pyjamas were designed around what women really wanted (pockets are universally loved don’t you know) Today, we take regular inspiration for our community of customers. They influence new designs. They keep us inspired with letters of support.

#3 Thoughtful gifts

The highlight of our day is a message from a customer saying how much a partner, mother, friend or sister loved their Yawns. Flowers fade. Sweets get eaten. Pyjamas are for life. 

#4 Soft, organic, unique

When we couldn’t find the perfect nightwear fabric, we knew we had to make our own. Standard cotton has a 150 thread count; ours packs in 284, whilst using 88% less water, 62% less energy and no toxic chemicals. Soft, breathable and temperature regulating, organic cotton is also stronger than standard cotton. It’s had to work hard and now wants to curl up in bed.

#5 Spot the difference

Every hand-made Yawn print features a hidden detail. And because these details appear randomly, every pair of Yawn pyjamas is unique. There are stories to be found. Of lost balloons, skinny dips and forest wolves. 

#6 Life in colour

A pop of mustard yellow. Emerald against a navy sea. There’s a world of inspiration and relaxation away from neutrals. Our prints celebrate beautiful colour combinations and accents for people who dream in colour.

#7 Ethics

We received a picture from a customer of her Yawns’ on their 10th birthday. A print we no longer run, a little faded, sure, but softer than ever, she said, and still beloved. The most responsible thing we can do is make quality clothing that lasts. Our nightwear is of exceptional quality and we recommend washing at 30 degrees. Our ‘first editions’ scheme means we only produce factory runs of clothes that customers have expressed interest in. 

We partner with excellent factories, close to our raw cotton, that we visit personally. Our factory partner is in India and has SA8000 and ISO 9001:2008 and Oeko Tex 100 global standards for strong management and responsible working practice. Our managed mills have SA8000 social accountability certification and GOTS level water conservation and waste management certification.

We use minimal process in printing and washing.  Our fabric printing process is tested by independent garment labs and is free of nasty chemicals such as PCP, ASO, formaldehyde and CFCs.

We ship by sea rather than air and use minimal, recyclable packaging. 

#8 They just feel good

“I figured I deserved some lovely PJs, to feel my best. They hold a really special place for me.”; “Quite honestly, I would wear them to work if I could”; “I love what you do and everything Yawn represents.”

#9 Join the ZZZ list

Good things happen when we get together. First dibs on new prints (you can even help chose which we run) and competitions, and save with secret sales.