7 ways to find time for you

Finding time for you

By Harriet Pritchard

7 ways to find time for you

Finding time for you

With uncertainty butting its head in at every opportunity, we’ve become accustomed to heightened levels of anxiety.

This year it’s more important than ever to dedicate some time to ourselves – and maybe even (dare I say it), find time to relax.  And we don’t mean ‘I’ll have a moment to myself when I hoover the lounge’, we mean a real opportunity to unwind and take care of you.

The reality is, finding time for ourselves isn’t easy. Often it’s something that needs conscious consideration and a little forward planning.

Luckily Yawn has a few tricks up our organic cotton pyjama sleeves for finding ways to relax:

7 ways to find time for you this year

Be present

With our plans feeling as stable as houses made of sand, our tendency to worry about the future has naturally intensified. Consciously being mindful can alleviate some of the stresses rooted in uncertainty about the future. There are many tools we can utilise to help us stay in the present moment, including bringing conscious attention to the things we do that we might sometimes overlook; our morning coffee, putting on a fresh pair of snuggly socks or even just watering the house plants.

practicing self-care in winter bums & roses organic pyjamas

Take a digital detox

Although we’re not suggesting you run to the closest beach and throw your phone into the sea (however tempting that may be), consider ways of using your blue light devices a little less. A few small steps might be; muting your work emails in the evenings, avoiding blue screens for the hour before bed or making certain activities, such as your mid-morning coffee, strictly screen free.

Give yourself 30 minutes to be creative

The beauty of creativity is that it’s completely objective. It doesn’t matter if you do it well, the joy is in the doing. Whether that’s water colouring (I recommend Allison Lyon’s Youtube tutorials), writing, calligraphy, jewellery making, embroidery, flower arranging, etching, knitting, model building, glass painting *take a breath*… playing piano, weaving, candle making, cookie baking or dancing around your bedroom in your pyjamas. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to just do it.

arranging flowers in a red hounds of love nightshirt

Walk in nature

It could be 5 minutes, it could be 5 hours - the point is you’re getting the blood pumping and giving your brain and body a boost.  Whether it's a vast forest or an urban park, getting out in nature can do wonders for our wellbeing.

the Yawn team walking in Burnham Beeches

Have a bath

It might be a bit of a trope, but really and truly a bath is one of the simplest anxiety-busting relaxation tools at our fingertips. Taking a soak can increase your mood and improve your sleep - not to mention it feels glorious.

running a bubble bath in red hounds of love pyjamas

Take a Nap

An aptly name “power nap” can reduce stress and improve cognitive function. Snuggle into your favourite PJs and allow yourself 20 minutes of Zzz - Headspace offers great advice on practicing the perfect power nap.

taking a nap in bright spark pyjamas with matching eye mask


Reading for as little as 6 minutes a day is thought to alter your state of mind for the good. Getting lost in a good book gives us a moment of escape from what might feel manic at times and our brains will thank us for switching off from the day-to-day and engaging in a moment of bibliotherapy.

 reading whilst wrapped up in port in a storm robe

Wishing you a relaxed year ahead with plenty of time for you.

Love Yawn x