Escapes | The teacup tutorial

Escapes | The teacup tutorial

By Yawn Team

Escapes | The teacup tutorial


With Christmas just around the corner why not put together a customised gift for a loved one? In today's tutorial you can learn how to design your own teacup and matching saucer. It's easy, fun and the perfect way to spend Sunday!  

What you will need: 

– Light coloured ceramic pieces of your choice (could be mugs, bowls, plates etc.)

– Porcelain paint pens* (or pots) in colours of your choice

– Some paper towels or an old piece of card to blot the pen on

I used Marabu Porcelain Painter Pens (in Gold) available at Amazon or Hobbycraft. 


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I decided I wanted to create a design based on my favourite plants so I referred to my Cacti book. This helped me come up with a plan for my tea cup before I started, think of something that inspires you but don't be afraid to go freestyle either! 
Make sure that the paint will only be applied to the surface where the food or drink will not touch start drawing on your design. I would recommend doing a test on the bottom of your piece as the pens can be quite unpredictable.
Step 2: 
I started with the saucer first as I found it easier to hold, working my design all the way round. 
Step 3: 
With this design I decided to keep it quite simple but feel free to go all over. I think the effect would work really well as a all over pattern. It would make a very striking tea cup!  Once you are happy with the design on your saucer its time to move onto the cup. I repeated the pattern around the top of the cup, now it definitely looks like a pair! 
Step 5: 
Once they were finished, mine had to air dry for a few hours and then be oven baked. For this please refer to the instructions on the pen or paint pots as they might differ from each brand. 

Now they are ready to use and even dishwasher safe! 
This tutorial was put together by Lucy Davidson 
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