Dreamer | Yawn meets Clare White-Cooper

Dreamer | Yawn meets Clare White-Cooper

By Alice Whiteley

Dreamer | Yawn meets Clare White-Cooper

Hello Clare and welcome to Yawn, we are delighted to interview you as one of our wonderful “Dreamers”.  We love chatting to women we admire about how they spend their well-earned downtime.

Now – a few questions!

You are an inspiration to lots of other women – having built your brilliant business Made By Coopers as a modern apothecary crafting natural and organic products for your skin and soul.

We would love to find out more about what makes you tick – and how you relax with so many demands on your time. So – here goes..

Which women most inspire you and why? I am inspired by the multitasking women, women trying to carve out their own future whilst juggling family life and personal life. It’s something that sometimes seems impossible and a fantasy that you can do it all, but some women manage to make it work and those women are an inspiration to me!

In a world where many women are feeling stretched do you have any tips for our audience on switching off? One tip is just that - to switch off! As in, unplug from digital stimulants and distractions. Your circadian rhythm will improve and you will reap the benefits. Another thing I can't go without is relaxing aromatherapy. Before I started Made By Coopers I used to burn frankincense oil to ease anxiety and it works! So my go to is our Sleepy Head oil or spray with frankincense and lavender.

When and where are you at your most relaxed and happy? Im most happy in nature with my family. I feel most free in water but like the grounding of the forest.

What is your bedtime routine? After I’ve read the kids a story, I start my wind down routine. It usually involves a chamomile tea, planning the to-do’s for the next day (so my mind can be at ease), then quick oil cleanse to take my makeup off, a quick spritz of either Sleepy Head or Zen pillow spray and then a couple of chapters of a book.

Quick fire:

  • Top book on your reading list? I dont really have a ‘top book’ as such but the last book I read was called ‘Girl on the 88 bus’ - it's a heart warming read and I really enjoyed it.
  • Favourite song to relax to? I love Paulo Nutini, Dermot Kennedy, but also like house music.
  • Favourite podcast? I quite like Big Fish by Spencer Mathews but then I also like silly humour like Staying Relevant with Sam Thompson.
  • Pyjamas or nightshirt or nightdress? Pj’s and nightie! Also pj’s are more comfy as nightie straps always seem to get twisted and irritate me!
  • What is your favourite Yawn print and why? I love my Field of Dreams pj’s!
  • Night cap or night cream? I don't drink much these days and if I want a good night sleep I know alcohol before bed is only ever going to make me wide awake about 2am! So its a night cream for me - more particularly our Luna Goddess night serum