Dreamer | Yawn Meets Kim Palmer

Dreamer | Yawn Meets Kim Palmer

By Harriet Pritchard

Dreamer | Yawn Meets Kim Palmer

Yawn interviews Kim Palmer

We were thrilled to interview Clementine App founder, Kim Palmer, as our July Dreamer. Kim built her brilliant app to help other women feel calm and more relaxed through hypnotherapy techniques.

Not only does she run her own business but she does so alongside raising a family - safe to say, we’re inspired.

Kim, thank you so much for answering some questions on what makes you tick – here goes…

Which women most inspire you and why?

I am inspired mostly by women who make interesting decisions with their lives that don’t always go with the grain. Going against the grain takes a lot of soul searching, takes a lot of guts and can be really hard going – I admire those qualities in people. I’m also massively inspired by women who have been through something that has been really hard and have found a way through it. My Mum and my sister are part of these two groups, the women in our team at Clementine all fit into these groups.

In a world where many women are feeling stretched do you have any tips for our audience on switching off?

For me, one of the big gamechangers around learning to switch off has been to be more considered with how I use my phone. I go off social media over the weekend and actively leave my phone behind when I’m out and about. It was a hard habit to embed but I just love that feeling of not being able to be contacted and focussing my full attention on what I’m doing. The other small but powerful tip I have is to not pick up your phone until you start your working day. I have a set time now where I will pick up my phone to start my workday and it’s after the kids have left for school.

When and where are you at your most relaxed and happy?

I’m most happy when it’s warm but not hot, with my family doing something active like playing cricket in the backyard or gardening with the boys, eating lunch outside and not feeling like I’m in a rush to go anywhere. I also love going to the movies.

Kim Palmer and family life

What is your bedtime routine?

We usually go to bad between 9.30pm-10pm and we always, always read. It has to be a physical book or magazine too. I protect this little ritual like gold dust as it helps me to escape from the day just been. I also do a short face massage after I have read which helps to loosen the stress from my jaw and face and then I spray a pillow mist. I’m currently using a gorgeous one from Made by Coopers.


Quick fire:

Top book on your reading list?

Crime and Punishment

Favourite song to relax to?

Mama’s and Papa’s – California Dreaming

Favourite podcast? (although we think we know this one..)

In Good Company

Pyjamas or nightshirt?

Pyjamas for sure

Night cap or night cream?

Ohhhhh weekend night cap, weekdays night cream.