Dressing for night sweats

Notes from Yawn | How to dress for night sweats

By Harriet Pritchard

Dressing for night sweats

What are night sweats?

If you are not already acquainted, let me introduce you to the most unlikable overnight guest you could possibly imagine – the nagging nocturnal cousin of the hot flush - night sweats.

You know that feeling of being ON the sun whilst simultaneously being sprayed with a firehose? Well that about sums up night sweats. They’re disruptive, uncomfortable and in no way invited. Unfortunately, they also can’t seem to take a hint and are unwelcome yet present for approximately 85% of menopausal women. They don't stop there - other causes of night sweats include hormonal fluctuations during periods, anxiety and medicinal side-effects. We’re all susceptible to this sleep-disrupting, heat erupting bedtime phenomenon.

I think we can agree that already this isn’t sounding like the most comfortable sleep-inducing scenario - add unsuitable nightwear into the equation and you’re quite literally in a hot mess. So  - what should we consider when choosing nightwear for night sweats?

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Night sweats are the result of our wonderful bodies doing the best they can to cool us down by flushing out a surge of heat in the form of sweat. However, the welcome cooling sensation is short lived if your nightwear absorbs this moisture and leaves it pressed up against your skin (nope). A light breathable cotton will allow the moisture to escape and dry quickly, avoiding the feeling of prolonged discomfort.

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It’s all about loosey-goosey when it comes to the perfect fit for a bout of night sweats - your skin needs room to breathe. A loose fit moves easily across the body without binding or tightening and causing even more discomfort.

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Small details make a big difference. Scratchy labels, stiff hems and rough textures all exacerbate an already uncomfortable experience. Night sweats should be paired with nightwear that feels light and easy to wear.


Dress to de-stress

Night sweats aren’t just a discomfort, they interrupt one of our most basic needs – sleep! Choosing the perfect nightwear for night sweats can help avoid prolonging your discomfort and regain some of that invaluable shut-eye. 


Be patient with yourself and dress to de-stress.


Love Yawn