Notes from Yawn | Inside our studio

Notes from Yawn | Inside our studio

By Alice Whiteley

Notes from Yawn | Inside our studio

It is Yawn’s mission to create beautiful women’s nightwear. Dubbed the ‘Three Cs’ Yawn’s product development focuses on craft, creativity and comfort. Read on to discover how…


We’re most relaxed when smiling. Inside our small London studio, our little design team create unique hand-painted prints inspired by our favourite holiday memories, nature and elements of escapism. Many of our customers love to unwind outdoors and escape the maelstrom of the city, so we take a lot of inspiration from the natural world.

Creating little stories together, a lot of joy comes from thinking up ideas, imagining quirky prints and hidden details within them for you to discover. The fun part is then putting pen to paper…or paintbrush…or crayon. We experiment with many different tools to generate unique marks; it’s amazing what you can do with a sprig of holly!

At first there’s vast amounts of colour variations when creating new designs, looking for the best combinations to suit different skin tones and discovering which appear most restful for the eyes. It’s a lot of work, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

After many cups of tea, we then take a look at the overall pattern, both close-up and at a distance. At this stage we think about how it repeats, the scale and how it flatters the body, before using digital software to refine marks and finesse the finished pattern.


When Yawn first started, we were surprised at how unusual it was for brands to design their own fabrics.

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Alice and Philip (two of our three co-founders) travelled all over the world on a quest to find the perfect night-time fabrics. After testing many we decided to create our own, with the help of a fantastic mill and team.

Sleeping is a personal thing. Women need different weights, styles and flexibility to wear at a variety of temperatures and to suit their busy lifestyles. Landing on Yawn’s Cosy Cotton Twill, the first fabric we fell in love with and perfect for snuggling up in, Year-Round Cotton Satin, Chambray, Quilt and Marl Jersey, we’re confident Yawn is and always will be the most comfortable sleepwear you can wear.

Whether you prefer to bundle up or keep your cool, standing the test of time (years of being thrown into the washing machine), our cotton PJs will always stay soft and true to their colour. No dry cleaning involved…ever!


It’s the details that count and we’ve thought about them all. When founder Alice went on the hunt for pyjamas herself, she found generic cuts, unflattering designs or slightly too sexy alternatives and was inspired to start a business.

From generous pockets to store your tissues or remote, to collar buttons to keep you warm at night, we want Yawn pyjamas to remain unique and suit you for all occasions. We can guarantee all hemlines are generously double stitched to prolong wearability and a unique, flattering cut for 100% comfort.

Order your first set or pick up your favourites at home and remind yourself of the soft cotton waistband, flattering design and hidden messages. They may be small details, but they’re what makes Yawn different from the rest.

Working together to continue to develop and grow, the next few months are an exciting time for Yawn as we’ll be introducing new product in the lead up to Christmas and expanding the range thanks to your feedback. Stay tuned for more posts on what’s to come. New print Storm Clouds will be available to buy next month.

Love Yawn x