Giving Friday - You Save, We Give

Giving Friday - You Save, We Give

By Alice Whiteley

Giving Friday - You Save, We Give


None of us at Yawn are fans of Black Friday - it doesn't sit well with us or our company values. However, what we are fans of is doing something positive, so for the 3rd year running we are proud to turn Black Friday into Giving Friday.

Giving Friday is an annual opportunity for Yawn to donate to Women’s Aid, a charity dedicated to ensuring women and children have the necessary resources available to escape and recover from domestic abuse.
Across our site on Friday 26th of November*:

- You save 15% on our products
- We give 10% of sales to the fantastic Women's Aid

*The You Save We Give promotion runs for 24 hours on Friday November 26th 2021 and will finish at midnight.  The discount is automatically applied at the checkout.

To find out more about where Yawn’s Giving Friday donations will be going, we spoke to Celeste Sangster the Senior Campaign Communications Officer for Women’s Aid.

As Senior Campaign Communications Officer, Celeste leads on the communications work for Women's Aid's national campaign – Deserve To Be Heard. 

Hi Celeste, thank you so much for answering our questions!

Why are donations so crucial right now for Women’s Aid?

When you donate to Women’s Aid you are supporting a movement that is committed to ending domestic abuse. There is an urgent need for our work and for us to join together to challenge domestic abuse, and the misogyny that underpins it, until it is no longer tolerated. Whether we’re offering direct help to survivors through our online services, advocating for their rights with our campaigns, supporting local frontline services, or training others on how best to respond to domestic abuse, it’s evident that our work has never been so important. And quite simply, it is only possible thanks to donations and the generosity of our supporters.   

Tell us a little more about the #DeserveToBeHeard campaign.

#DeserveToBeHeard is our flagship campaign aiming to highlight the devastating impacts of domestic abuse on the mental health of survivors. 

Domestic abuse has severe and long-lasting impacts on the mental health of survivors and their children. We believe that all women have the right to access the support that they need to heal and rebuild their lives. But in reality, women face huge barriers – from the stigma and shame around talking about mental health and abuse, to the long waiting times and victim-blaming attitudes – support is failing survivors. We want to change that. 

All women deserve to be heard – but we know that some women face even greater obstacles when trying to access help, due to their race, sexuality, disability and other factors. That’s why this campaign centres the voices of the most marginalised women. We’ve launched a new online platform to amplify the voices of survivors – a space for them to share their stories in creative ways. At Women’s Aid, we are incredibly moved and amazed by their powerful contributions, and we would love you to read their stories too

What is Women’s Aid looking to achieve with the #DeserveToBeHeard campaign?

All survivors #DeserveToBeHeard and receive the support that they need to heal. Through the campaign, we are calling on government to:

  • Fund and work with specialist domestic abuse services, to include resourcing for a range of therapeutic and holistic mental health support.
  • Recognise domestic abuse as a fundamental driver of women’s ill mental health in the upcoming Women’s Health Strategy.
  • Ensure the new health and care bill reforms put the voices of survivors and specialist women’s services at the heart of decision-making structures.

We are stronger together! Add your voice to the call by signing up to become a #DeserveToBeHeard campaigner today – and help us make sure that all women have access to the mental health support they deserve. 

How can victims of domestic abuse best access Women’s Aid’s resources?

If are experiencing domestic abuse, we believe you and we hear you. If you are worried that our partner, or that of a friend or family member, is controlling and abusive, go to Women’s Aid for support and information, including: Live Chat –for confidential expert support from specialist support workers, The Survivors’ Forum–  for peer-to-peer support, open 24/7, and The Survivor’s Handbook – for practical support and information for women experiencing domestic abuse, with simple guidance on every aspect of seeking support.