Notes from Yawn | Five tips for a great night’s sleep

Notes from Yawn | Five tips for a great night’s sleep

By Yawn Team

Notes from Yawn | Five tips for a great night’s sleep

Let’s get one thing clear: we have no doctors at the Yawn studio, no wellness experts, no-one - as far as we know - who can cure insomnia. On hot summer nights, we can tell you - like anyone else - to put a fan in your room, open the windows, sleep in the garden. But we are rather good at dissecting what makes the perfect nightwear for a good night’s sleep. Fabric comes first (we like our bespoke, temperature-regulating organic cotton). We consider every single detail (we’re quite geeky about buttonholes, for example). We try to make you smile with our prints and hidden messages.

So instead of listing five ways to help you sleep, we’ll help you pick the right luxury nightwear. And for good measure, we’ve asked team Yawn for their personal, non-nightwear, sleep tips…

1. If you like to be cosy (without overheating)

Some of us love cotton pyjamas, but struggle to find a pair cool enough for year-round wearing. We spent years developing our bespoke fabric. The result is the Superfine “00” cotton, with its soft, breathable and temperature-regulating qualities. Standard cotton has a 150-thread count; ours packs in a luxurious 284 - the highest count woven for the finest profile. Put simply: more threads, less sweat. Better still, this year we developed it further to create an organic Superfine “00” cotton, available on Yawn pyjamas, nightshirts and dressing gowns. We think it’s even softer, but you be the judge. What we haven’t changed is our signature relaxed fit, deep pockets and generous hems for alterations.

2. If you like to get your legs out

The same thoughtful details as our luxury cotton pyjamas - deep pockets, relaxed silhouette - tailored to a nightshirt. We cut the buttonholes horizontally so they won’t pop open as you wriggle in your sleep. We’ve designed new prints, including one of our favourites, Bums and Roses, inspired by cooling off in the ponds at London’s Hampstead Heath. And we’ve cut our new nightshirts from Yawn’s organic Superfine “00” cotton, which is certified by GOTS and uses 88% less water, 62% less energy and no toxic chemicals. In short: the pyjamas you love, minus the bottoms.

3. If you like to get your legs AND arms out

You’ve tried pyjamas, you’ve given nightshirts a go, but you're still too hot. How about a cotton nightie? As with our nightshirts, we’ve taken the same considered approach to fabrics and details, but removed the sleeves. So you can get your legs and arms out. But to give the nightie its signature design, we created an elegant pleated back.

4. If you prefer to sleep in nothing at all

Some nights are just too hot for even the lightest weight cotton pyjamas, nightshirts or shorts. So wear nothing at all. But you might like to have a dressing gown to hand, should you need to answer the front door… New this summer is Yawn’s organic cotton robe, cut from a lighter weight, luxury cotton. The relaxed silhouette can be cinched in with a self-tie belt at the waist. Other features include white piping on the cuffs, long sleeves, generous side pockets and a hanging loop made from our bespoke 'we have drift off' message tape.

5. If you can’t make up your mind

For some of us, we like to mix it up. Lightweight cotton pyjama bottoms teamed with a T-shirt. Sleep shorts paired with a cami. Top-to-toe with the same print, or clashing designs. Match your nightwear to your mood on any given night.

How Team Yawn falls asleep

“I always read in bed before going to sleep. Even if only a few pages. But it has to be fiction, so that my mind wanders. Anything factual has the opposite effect.”  Ana

“I love a long bath before bed - it always helps me relax.”  Alice 


“I was having problems falling asleep every few days and I couldn’t work out why - especially as I would fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow on other nights. I then realised that on those days, I wasn’t taking any exercise. I now try to exercise every day, even if on some it’s just a walk. Maybe it’s psychological, but it’s currently working for me, so I’m going with it.”   Holly

“A shower just before bed. Or bath, if I have the luxury of time.” Sofia

“I recount a story - whether it’s made-up or something that actually happened - in all its tiny detail, in my head. A really boring one is often best.” Phil

And some tips from our Dreamers 

For me, books and reading are usually my escape.  Reading is the best way to ensure I go to sleep with a clear head after a busy day.  I also like to find enough time to be outside, whether biking to work or walking at the weekends.” Harriet Hastings

“Set yourself strict boundaries and stick to them. It’s ok if you don’t turn your phone off every evening at 9pm, but try not looking at work emails when you’re trying to relax, for example. I actually find that changing my clothes when I return from work is a great way of letting go of my professional day and getting straight back into family life. I don’t meditate, but I do go to the gym. This is Me Time, and I encourage all women to find their own space and return to it regularly. We are made to feel that we need to be all things to all people, and while some of us thrive on that (this is probably true of me), the truth is, I need my own space too and I protect it fiercely.” Alice Olins

“I like to go to bed with Agatha Christie! I find that rereading books I’ve read several times can feel like chatting with an old friend – reassuring and familiar – and while I’m there, maybe sneak in a siesta, too. Everyone says “exercise, exercise”. But I find almost everything feels better after a nap.” Kate Weinberg