Our Favourite Bluebells in England

Escapes | Yawn's favourite bluebells in England

By Harriet Pritchard

Our Favourite Bluebells in England

Bluebells in the UK

In folklore, Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta... if you’re feeling Latin), are thought to be heavily associated with fairy and pixie magic.

Over half the world’s bluebells can be found in the UK and the enchanting blue carpets that spread across the British forest beds are quite spectacular – in fact, the Yawn team look forward to them every year. It's no surprise then, that our new Pixie print is entirely inspired by this magical natural phenomenon.

To celebrate our latest print launch, we’re sharing our favourite places to spot bluebells in England.

Wanstead Park, London

Photo credit: Dave Marley 

Bluebell woods in London

Starting with bluebells just a stone’s throw from the capital – Wanstead Park offers a sea of stunning bluebells, under 40 minutes from Liverpool St station. For the best view of blue, we recommend heading to the park’s Chalet Wood. Wanstead Park is also one of the best places for bird watching in London – so we recommend bringing a pair of binoculars.

Parnholt Wood, Hampshire

Photo credit: Harriet’s Dad  

Bluebell wood in Hamshire

We couldn’t resist including this picture of our Marketing Manager in the bluebell woods she enjoyed every spring as a child – Parnholt Wood. Located close to Winchester, the Farley Mount and Parnholt circular walking route is a full day of basking in beautiful bluebells. The loop is around 10km - so we recommend a thermos of tea, a bag of Percy Pigs and cameras at the ready.

Pondhead Inclosure, the New Forest

Photo credit: Diana Parkhouse

Bluebell wood in the UK

Located on the southern edge of Lyndhurst, Pondhead is famous for its dazzling display of bluebells in spring. After enjoying gazing out across the floral carpet of blue from the 7K Pondhead & Beechen Lane walk, make sure your stop off for a New Forest pub lunch at the Crown Stirrup, just a short walk from Beechen Lane where the walking circuit finishes.

Moseley Bog, Birmingham

Photo credit: Ashley Dace

Bluebells in Birmingham

Moseley Bog has become particularly popular in recent years due to it being the inspiration of the ‘old forest’ in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series. However, the beauty of the bluebells in Moseley Bog predate the books by a mere 3000 years. If you’re an archaeological enthusiast, make sure you take a look at the two burnt mounds that can be found straddling the Coldbath Brook. It’s thought the stones were used in the Bronze age to create a sauna-type bathing experience. 


It's possible we’re biased, but no day walking through bluebells would be complete without a night wrapped in bluebells. See our latest collection to find the perfect bluebells pyjama print for bluebell devotees.

If you have any bluebell recommendations, drop me a message as I’d love to find more bluebell viewing spots to enjoy this spring.