Dreamer | Meet Jane Day

Dreamer | Meet Jane Day

By Alice Whiteley

Dreamer | Meet Jane Day

Jane Day | Tea with Ruby

Hello, I’m Jane Day the name and face behind Tea with Ruby. I’m a lifestyle and interiors blogger, also a content creator mainly for small independent brands that I’m passionate about regarding their ethical and sustainability values. I’m also a bit of an Instagram and Pinterest junky.

When it comes to writing about interiors, current trends and styling projects I usually find myself drawn to certain colour palettes. I prefer the calmer end to the colour spectrum especially hues that mimic nature, soft natural colours that blend naturally within a scheme. Don’t get me wrong I’m not just talking pale colours; I do love a moody dark hue that conjures up wild seas or brooding skies.

I never thought I would be saying this, but I have been seduced by pink. It has subtly crept up on me and I’ve fallen for its charms, the interior world seems to rather like it at the moment too. Obviously when I say pink, I don’t mean the bright bubble gum shade, certainly not. What has turned my head are the delicious smoky tones, the dusky shades with an added dollop of brown, I call it mucky pink.

Jane enjoys breakfast wearing the new Hideaway pink pyjama set

The colour pink has a vast range on the spectrum, but the soft, warmer brown tones can add so much to a space or even your wardrobe. It’s a perfect colour choice when going into the autumn months, feminine without being too obvious and can be added in small doses rather than covering everything floor to ceiling or top to toe.

My attitude to pink has changed over the years. There was a time when I would avoid it like the plague, but now thanks to some super paint brands it’s up there with my favourite shades. It works so well with the grey neutral palette that I love.

I have recently decorated the hallway and landing in my home in a deep warm shade of pink. I was brave and chose to paint everything the same colour, so walls, ceiling and woodwork have been cocooned in this beautiful colour and it has worked so very well. It changes with the light adding warmth to the space and acts as a focal point when glimpsed through the doors from the other rooms that have more of a monochrome feel.

When styling, adding a touch of pink be it with a throw or something from nature, always gives it depth. Using colours inspired by the natural world or seasons is the best way to bring an image to life. It gives the scene a tactile element, knowing you would love to curl up in that woollen throw or be cosy in those pink pyjamas with a cup of tea.

I firmly believe that colour can affect your mood, the shades of pink that I use help me feel calm, the soft warm hues that cocoon you into feeling restful and relaxed. Anything too bright and garish will have the opposite effect, but I guess I’m not really a bright and garish sort so this would never work for me.

Photo features House of Cards pink blanket and Cream & Camel bed socks.


And now for our quick fire questions:

Top of you reading list at the moment?

I’ve recently got back into reading books, other than interior books and magazines. I utterly devoured The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. Over the Summer I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Sweet Sorrow by David Nicholls and Conversation with Friends by Sally Rooney. Ruby my daughter adores reading as does my husband, so we all exchange books. We have all loved How to Stop Time by Matt Haig which is rather fabulous.

Favourite song to relax to?

I couldn’t choose just one, I adore music! Anything by Agnes Obel or the Violin Concerto No2 by Philip Glass, oh and the Brideshead Revisited sound-track, it’s one of my favourite films. I’m a little bit obsessed with The 1975 right now too. I could list many more, but it would take some time.

Podcast or E book?

E book, I haven’t got into podcast listening like most of the planet! Sometimes it’s a bit too much information to deal with and I wouldn’t know where to start. I’d much rather escape with a book.

Pyjamas or nightshirt?

To be honest I’m a dressing gown kind of girl but of course I love my Yawn PJ’s.

Night cap or night cream?

Can I be greedy and say both! I use botanical facial oils every evening after my bath but the odd night cap is a bit of a treat, especially at the weekend.

For interior styling inspiration, or content to relax to and enjoy, visit Jane's blog https://teawithruby.co.uk/ and Instagram feed @teawithruby.