Dreamer | Meet slow living advocate Jessica Rose Williams

Dreamer | Meet slow living advocate Jessica Rose Williams

By Alice Whiteley

Dreamer | Meet slow living advocate Jessica Rose Williams

Jessica Rose Williams

Hi! I’m Jessica. I’m a writer and slow lifestyle blogger. Last year I upped sticks from the city and moved to a tiny village in the Peak District for a slower pace of life and some escapism. I write about slow living, minimalism, capsule wardrobes, slow travels, sustainability and simple interiors. When I’m not writing you’ll find me nuzzling a good book, cuddling my cavalier spaniel Dolly or riding horses.

You describe your lifestyle as “minimal”. What does that mean in practice and what advice do you have for those who wish to introduce simplicity into their lives?

For me, it means paying attention to what adds value to my life and what makes me feel good. From there it means editing life accordingly and walking away from what isn’t serving me. I believe in rebelling against all those ‘should dos’ we’re sold and creating a life that’s only filled with the useful, joyful and beautiful. Everyone’s version of what that is different and I find this fascinating.

At Yawn we admire your work and advice on building a capsule wardrobe to slowdown consumption – the opposite of fast fashion. How do you see the fashion industry changing in the next 10 years?

I think we’ll see a big shift in terms of demand. I think consumers are increasingly becoming more aware of the impact fast fashion is having on the environment and their mental health.

I’d like to think the future belongs to a less, but better approach to our wardrobes. When I tuned into what my personal style was and raised awareness around what I need vs. what I thought I needed, I realised I could curate a much smaller, more intentional and sustainable wardrobe that was easier on my purse strings long term - and I’d never go back.

… and what are your favourite capsule staples?

Comfort is king for me so good basics like a white cotton tee and simple comfy shoes that won’t go out of style. I’m finding myself more and more attracted to dresses too. Each one must have a job (or three) to do, but they’re just so versatile and a whole outfit in themselves. The less time I have to spend deciding what to wear in the morning the better.

Another large part of your blog is inspired by your travels. You’ve been to some beautiful places and have some great tips. What has been your favourite location to date and why?

The Maldives was like a dream. We stayed on a tiny island called Vilagandoo, which you could walk the circumference of in 30 minutes and slept in a hut on the beach. I keep reading the islands won’t be here forever because of the rising sea levels, so I’d love to go back and see it again. Second to that is Paris - it’s the ultimate place for us romantic dreamers and croissant lovers.

Many of our readers find it hard to switch off. What does relaxation mean to you and how do you stop yourself from feeling overwhelmed?

Have you ever tried to do nothing and simply be alone with your own thoughts? It’s almost impossible.

For me relaxation means making time for something that makes me feel calm, gets me out of my head and back into my body so I’m present. I’m naturally a yes person so I can easily end up with more commitments than I can handle. I stop myself from feeling overwhelmed by practicing my ability to say no, setting boundaries for myself and listening to my body so I rest when I need to.

It’s hard to give yourself permission to relax, it’s as if we need someone else to do it for us - but nobody will. We owe it to ourselves and those around us to take good care of our mind and bodies.

Quick fire questions:

Top of your summer reading list?
Riders by Jilly Cooper - it’s just so much fun.

Favourite song to relax to?
Anything from the Spotify 90s acoustic playlist.

Podcast or E-book?
Podcasts! I’m great with audiobooks but I can’t read on a screen. You can’t beat pages between the fingers.

Pyjamas or nightshirts?
I used to think I was pyjamas but now I’m firmly in the YAWN nightshirt camp.

Night Cap or Night Cream?
Neither. I stopped drinking three years ago and after a flare up of rosacea a dermatologist told me to stop overloading my skin with products. Night creams are way too heavy for my skin but I’ll use a retinol cream 3 times a week and apply that at night.

For more advice on how to begin your capsule wardrobe, travel or interiors visit www.jessicarosewilliams.com or gain inspiration from Jessica’s content across Instagram @jessicarosewilliams.