Together we Yawn

Notes from Yawn | Together we Yawn

By Harriet Pritchard

Together we Yawn

Yawn's autumn 2022 campaign

It started with an invitation to our own customers...

'We couldn't have gotten this far without your support. So we’d like this year’s photography to celebrate you in your Yawns. If this sounds like fun, please reply to this email.

Love Alice x’

Then we crossed our fingers.

We’d never done anything like this before (and nor had our customers). Like most clothing brands, we were used to the wheel of casting, models, lighting, post production etc. This year we wanted to do something meaningful, to celebrate the amazing relationship we have with all of you.

We needn’t have worried...

'I absolutely adore your pyjamas. They are now the only pjs I own. I love nothing more than putting them on at the earliest opportunity.'

'They hold a real special place for me and now I’m writing this- I’m realising how glad I am to have had them in those pretty dark times.'

'Quite honestly - I would wear them to work if I could.'

The photoshoot

We were overwhelmed with responses and had the tough job of choosing our final cast

So 14 of you gathered in London, in your Yawns, to celebrate rest and togetherness.

Amongst the laughter, stories and snacks was a serious thought; a push back against a world that often seems to demand a lot of us; the idea that we need to make time for rest.

A big thank you to everyone involved. It was a pleasure to put you all in front of the camera.

Woman poses for photoshoot in white pyjamas

Eve Pyjamas

Woman poses for photoshoot in red pyjamas

Red Hounds of Love Pyjamas

Woman posing in green pyjamas

Treetops Pyjamas


Love Yawn x