Autumn 2021 First Editions

Autumn 2021 First Editions

By Harriet Pritchard

Autumn 2021 First Editions

There's always time for details

Yawn’s First Edition collection includes very limited runs of our newest hand-drawn prints. Our Autumn 2021 First Edition collection was perhaps more personal than most, representing the moments of joy we found during a very difficult period for us all - we refer to this collection internally as our lock-down First Editions.

Dreamt up behind closed doors, this collection was inspired by the small details that carried us through an unprecedented period of uncertainty and unpredictability. Whilst we yearned for the outside world, our designers began sketching out our next collection with focus on finding pockets of comfort within a situation that overflowed with discomfort. Each print has a different inspiration and a hidden detail to help tell a lock-down story.

Rice and Shine

The design of Yawn's Rice and Shine print

Our take on a traditional polka-dot print was first drawn using pen and ink. Rice and Shine was inspired by the nights we turned our living rooms into our restaurants - treating ourselves to luxury foods from home. The waiters were replaced with mopeds and the bustling atmosphere was replaced by sofas and bed socks, but the sushi still tasted perfect.

Because details matter, Rice and Shine includes a tiny hiding soy sauce, swimming amongst the organic cotton sushi rolls.

Spray of Flowers

The design of Yawn's Spray of Flowers print

Our graffiti flower bed was initially drawn with a brush pen loaded with ink. Spray of flowers drew inspiration from the small breaks we had from home - the hour of outside time we had to stretch our legs in the urban jungle we missed so greatly. These small glimpses of the urban spaces drew our attention to the details we’d previously overlooked - in particular, the beauty of a graffitied skatepark waiting for the skaters to return.

Hidden in our bold floral print is a tiny trainer and graffiti can detail.


The design of Yawn's Slumberjack print

Our whimsical fairytale forest was initially created using a calligraphy pen on paper. Slumberjack was dreamt up using two sources of inspiration, the first being a longing for British forests, the second being the fairytales we rediscovered over lock-down. Finding comfort in bedtime stories and memories of walking amongst the pines.

Playing hide and seek within our calligraphy woodland is a hidden lumberjack detail waiting to be found.


The design of Yawn's Unwind print

Our quirky winding lines print was hand drawn in chunky marker pen. Unwind was inspired by the substitution of the ‘cinema and dinner’ date night with Netflix and noodles. The mid-week pick-me-up discovered at the local Chinese takeaway became more valuable than we had ever imagined.

Wound within the print is two hidden details, a tiny takeaway noodle box and a nostalgic VHS tape.