Hand-drawn prints

We hand-paint and draw our unique prints in Clerkenwell, London using ink, charcoal and water. This connection is all about relaxation: imagination, a human hand, natural materials. 



Our first female focused print. Inspired by the great English glasshouses and the garden of Eden. The hidden female forms have a touch of Picasso about them.

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We wanted to inject a bolder print into our collection and instantly loved the energy of this print. The little boat, rocking on the seas enhances the wavy spirit.

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Phil had just got back from a trip to Japan and loved the blossom there. This became a blossom filled forest. Peter (our fantastic print designer) hid striking deer and the female hero Artemis herself.

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 Float Away

We ventured to Paris with Galeries Lafayette and they commissioned this beautiful print which has since gone on to be a firm customer favourite. Capturing soft leaves and a red balloon. Find an Eiffel Tower.

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House Of Cards

Inspired by the joy of a card game with friends and family on a blustery day. Find a hidden heart. 

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Cuddling against the cold, a romantic print inspired by two lovebirds. Or are they hearts?  

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Port In A Storm

One of our first prints and still a bestseller. Our team has had many classic English coastal holidays often involving time on rough seas. The whale only comes up for air rarely.

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Storm Clouds

Are we too preoccupied with the English weather? This one was inspired by dramatic stormy nights.

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Calm Waters

This print is all about simple pleasures. Looking out onto water never fails to make us feel relaxed. The flying bird and beautiful colour variation add essential Yawn character.

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Pineapple Skies

Graphic, geometric. Looks like the skin of a pineapple the detail became obvious.

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