Yawn's fabrics

 We couldn't find the perfect nightwear fabrics.
So we created our own.

Easy to care for

Apparently, some people take their PJs to the dry cleaners. For the rest of us, Yawn products are easy to care for. Chuck your pjs in the wash like we do - they'll feel even softer over time.  

Naturally beautiful

Cotton is our favourite fabric. It is naturally non-allergenic, breathable and absorbent. It cleverly wicks away the body's moisture to make for a great sleep.  Its low heat conduction means you keep warm in winter and cool in summer.  Its absorbency and natural whiteness also makes it the best possible canvas for Yawn prints. 

More threads, no sweat

Key to our cotton fabric is a high thread density - the number of threads per square inch. Standard cotton is 150, Yawn's packs 284. Such a close, tight weave results in noticeably smoother, uniform fabric with reduced show through. It's stronger, finer, better quality and will last longer, with less piling. 

Lighter, stronger

We use fine yarns in our cottons that feel smoother, silkier and expensive. Paired with a tight weave, it reduces the thickness and bulk of the fabric, while maintaining density. This results in a super soft, strong (but not crisp), smooth and silky finish.
Have you discovered what else makes Yawn product so special?